A.General Medical Check Up (GMC)

In this General Medical Check Up, customers will be more easier and faster to get the health examination result because the specialist medical doctors always available and good laboratory supporting unit.

General Medical Check Up that provided are :

  1. Internal Medicine clinic.(Anamnesis, Physical Examination, Endoscopy)
  2. Cardiology Clinic(EKG, Treadmill Test, Echocardiography)
  3. Eye Clinic (Eexamination Unit, Refraction Unit, Visual Field)
  4. Lung Clinic (Spirometry : Lung Function, Examination )
  5. Ear, Nose and Throat (Examination Unit, Audiometry, Tympanometry)
  6. Neurology Clinic (Examination Unit, EEG & TCD)
  7. Radiology Clinic (Rontgen Unit, Ultra Sonography)
  8. Laboratory Clinic
  9. Mouth, Dental Clinic
  10. Psychiatry Clinic
  11. Psychology Clinic.

B.Special Courses on Aviation Medicine
Lakespra Saryanto operates special courses on Aviation Medicine.

  • Flight Surgeon Course

    For the medical officer/doctors, who have interest in aviation medicine.

    This is a 6 months basic course after that the candidates allow to work as Flight Surgeon.

  • Flight Nurse Course

    For the paramedics who will train to become Flight Nurse.

    It is a 4 months basic course after that the candidates allow to work as Flight Nurse.

C. Training :

Lakespra Saryanto operates training program in work health and safety sector, like public training and in house training.

The training modules are:

1. Emergency Aero Medical Evacuation Training

The Purpose of this training to give knowledge and skilled in prevention of emergency patient before to hospital, prevention of patient during carried through air service and patient handling when patient dropped from the plane to the hospital. Emergency Aero Medical Evacuation Training carried out for 2 days :

1. 1 day theory : triage patient theory, basic life support theory, advance traumatic life support ( ATLS ) theory, patient transfer to the plane, take care of the stability of patient condition during on the plane.

2. 1 day practice, the most important is about emergency evacuation before to hospital and patient transportation through air to the nearest hospital. In this practice will be simulated with use helicopter or Cassa C-212.

This training directed to oil companies, mine flight, air organizer&instantion / hospital.

2. FirstAid Training

The Purpose is to give knowladge to participates about the first help principles and what we must do to the patient if accidents happen. First Aid Training carried out for I day for common participate & 3 day for responders. Training is about skill station practice, basic life support ( theory ), including heart and lung resusuity, bleeding cessation, initial assessment, extrication stabilization, and bandaging and patient transportation. In this training each of the participant tested one by one. This tarining directed for manufacturing companies, construction, oil companies, public service company, government's institution etc.

3. Aerophysiological Training

This training purposed that participant could solve any physiological pilot problems. This training could be used as refreshment training for aircrew aviation problems. Training duration : I day.

4. Outbound Training

The Purpose of this tarining is that participate can upgrading their confidence, work attiude and loyalty in their roup, and also upgrading dicipline, alertness, mature in deciding discipline, alertness, mature in deciding a right conclusion and strength of stress.

Type of activity in outbound training :

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Speed Reaction
  3. How to fight
  4. Night emissary
  5. Communication motivation and self assesment theories
  6. Raffling
  7. Problem solving games
  8. Night contemplation

Operator Time

  • Basic Outbound Tarining ( 4 days )
  • Middle Outbound Training ( 3 days )
  • Advance Outbound Training ( 1 days )

5. Indoor Outbound Training

This training purposed for basic team management development, effective way to decision making, increasing team work development, functionality of self motivated among activity and increase stress resistance caused of job.

Time Operation : 3 days work.

D. Consultation

Lakespra Saryanto runs consultation program in

1. Emergency Aero Medical Evacuation System Consultation

This consultation service is provide to help companies in preparing medical evacution handling if accident happen that have fatal consequences. And through this consultation company can get pictures what steps that they can prepare if aero medical evacuation happened.

2.Specialistic Consultation

Providing services for follow up medical check up result in special case.

3. Aptiudes and Talent Guidance Consultation.

Providing services for client who need counseling to education.

4. Psycological Testing Services.

Providing services for selection, promotion, and assessment in organization

E.Facilities Available in Lakespra ·

Human resources = The Specialist Medical Doctors

Aeroclinic Tools :

  • Complete Rontgen equipment
  • Ultrasonography
  • Treadmill
  • Fitness Center
  • Electroencephalography dan Brain Mapping
  • Electrocardiography dan Echocardiography
  • Electronystagmography
  • Auditometry
  • Tympanomety
  • Spirometry
  • Laboratory

Aerophysiological Tools::

  • Human Centrifuge
  • Altitude Chamber
  • Basic Orientation Trainer
  • Night Vision Trainer
  • Positive Pressure Breathing
  • Oxy Fault Trainer
  • Ejection Seat